Don't Throw Away Your Old, Worn-Out Furniture

Restore your antiques with furniture refinishing services in Houston, Pearland, & Sugar Land, TX

Antique wood furniture is beautiful, and it makes the perfect family heirloom to pass between generations. But wood that looks scratched, worn and faded will drag down the appearance of your entire room. Instead of replacing furniture that still holds sentimental value, consider restoring it with furniture refinishing services.

MIGHTY HANDS Refinishing Services LLC offers refinishing services to homeowners in the Houston, Pearland, & Sugar Land, TX area. Not only will we sand and restain your furniture to make it look completely new, we'll also add a polyurethane coating to protect the wood and make it shine.

See the difference furniture refinishing can make by calling our contractor in Houston, Pearland, & Sugar Land, TX.

Furniture Refinishing, Houston TX

The benefits of refinishing

You can refinish more than just antiques. Even if your worn wood table is just a few years old, refinishing can restore it to like-new condition. You'll want to consider refinishing services because...

  • You can save yourself the hassle and expense of a full replacement
  • Refinishing will help protect the wood so your furniture will last longer
  • Different stains can give your old furniture a new appearance to match your home

Make your furniture look its best for as long as possible by contacting us today.